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We Are Union Strong

Who We Are – We Are Union Strong:
The National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees (NUUHCE, AFSCME, AFL-CIO) is a labor organization that represents over 60,000 healthcare professionals nationwide. NUHHCE members are Doctors, RN’s, Nurses, Techs, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Nursing Assistants, Dietary Employees and other health care providers.


Six Steps to Forming a Union
Union Representation = Job Security
You can negotiate a grievance procedure to protect your job. The grievance procedure is the ability to file an investigation into a disciplinary action or write up and challenge it. Management must prove they had “just cause” to administer the discipline. You will no longer have to fear that a supervisor can unilaterally fire you. You will have recourse with protection from your grievance procedure.

The Truth About Union DuesThe Truth About UNION DUES
As a NUHHCE member, you do NOT pay any union dues until you ratify your first contract negotiated by the Union and the Employer.
Union dues are generally 2% of gross payroll and are deducted monthly.
Union dues are tax deductible
Your Union Dues Pay for the Functioning of Your Union