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Worried about your employer’s arbitrary decisions?
No dignity at work?
No voice?

What’s the answer? Join NUHHCE!


Under Federal Labor Law, it is unlawful for your Employer or Supervisor to interfere with, restrain,
or coerce employees to organize or join a Union. The following are examples of unlawful activity by
Employers or Supervisors.

  1. They CAN NOT tell employees that the institution will fire or punish them if they engage in union activity.
  2. They CAN NOT lay off or discharge any employee for union activity.
  3. They CAN NOT grant employees wage increases or special concessions in order to keep the Union out.
  4. They CAN NOT bar employee union representatives from talking with members during non-working hours.
  5. They CAN NOT ask employees about confidential union matters or meetings.
  6. They CAN NOT ask employees about the union or union representatives.
  7. They CAN NOT ask employees how they intend to vote.
  8. They CAN NOT ask employees whether they belong to a union or have signed up for a union.
  9. They CAN NOT by the nature of the work assignment, create conditions intended to get rid of any employee because of his or her union activity.